SilverTowne Silver Bullion Products

SilverTowne was established in 1949 by Leon Hendrickson. Today, the company is best known as a well-respected dealer of rare historical coins, modern coins, and precious metals. Silver Towne is also renowned for its own silver bullion bars, uniquely designed with the needs of both collectors and investors in mind. Their site carries a wide range of silver bullion products, both their own and those produced by top private and government mints.


In both its retail and minting side, SilverTowne is known for offering art bars with a variety of themes, as well as investment-grade silver bullion bars with a more basic appearance. SilverTowne silver bars range from basic investment-grade bars to unusual art bars with unique designs. SilverTowne regularly produces silver bars in 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100 ounce sizes. Smaller-sized bars are stamped or minted, while larger bars are poured. Each bar is made with .999 fine silver, and carries the SilverTowne hallmark and a statement of the bar’s weight and silver purity.


Over its decades-long history, SilverTowne has produced dozens of silver bar designs. For example, one common version of their one- and five-ounce bars features a donkey and a prospector. Most have a waffle-print pattern on the reverse. This particular design has become known as a “SilverTowne Donkey Bar” because of its distinctive design.

Because SilverTowne provides custom minting, there are many different styles of silver art bars carrying the SilverTowne name. One popular version currently being produced features a buffalo design reminiscent of the US buffalo head nickel. Its softly frosted design has made the bar popular among silver bar collectors.

Hand-Poured Silver Bars

Larger SilverTowne silver bars are hand-poured into a mold, rather than minted. This makes for a less uniform finish than many silver investors have come to expect with smaller bars. Bubbles in the surface, an uneven shape, and other irregularities are common, and in fact to be expected with these poured bars. The stated length, width, and height of each bar is approximate, though the weight is exact.

The reactions to these hand-poured bars are mixed. Some customers complain about the uneven results of these hand-poured bars, particularly if they were not initially aware of the hand-poured nature of SilverTowne silver bars. Other investors are not overly concerned with their appearance of their bar, as they are more interested in the silver it contains rather than its eye appeal. Some even prefer such bars for their originality and unique style. Regardless of the bar’s uneven appearance, customers report that SilverTowne silver bars always contain at least as much silver as they should.

Pricing and Purchasing

SilverTowne silver bars can be purchased through their own website, as well as through many third-party precious metal dealers who carry their products. Often, SilverTowne bars carry a lower per-ounce premium when compared with other silver bars. This is especially true when buying directly through their site, as SilverTowne is both the producer and the retailer, enabling them to pass on lower prices directly to individual investors.

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