RCM Silver Bullion Products

The Royal Canadian Mint, or RCM, serves as the government mint for Canada in addition to minting bullion bars, numismatic collectibles, and other precious metal products. Founded in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint is a for-profit company owned by the Canadian government. It is responsible for producing the coins used within the country, as well as producing precious metal items carrying no legal tender value. The RCM also operates one of the largest precious metal refineries in the world, in addition to producing gold and silver coins, rounds, and bars. RCM silver bars are produced in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Silver Bars

The Royal Canadian Mint produces silver bullion coins and rounds, in addition to silver bars. RCM is best known for their 100 troy ounce silver bars. Occasionally, they also make other sizes, such as a 10 ounce silver bar, though their smaller-sized silver bullion products tend to be in the form of rounds or coins rather than rectangular bars.


The design and dimensions have changed slightly over the years, though all Royal Canadian Mint silver bars contain the round RCM hallmark, issue year, serial number, weight, and fineness on the obverse. The reverse is blank. Each bar measures approximately 80mm wide, 184mm long, and 20mm thick. They are designed to be easily stacked and stored, for investors who have purchased multiple RCM bars.


Royal Canadian Mint silver bars are 0.9999 (or ‘four-nines’) pure, compared to 0.999 (‘three-nines’) for most silver bullion bars from other mints. This makes them among the purest forms of silver bullion currently being made.

Many investors prefer Royal Canadian Mint silver bars because of their exceptional craftsmanship. Bars from this mint are noted for their quality, eye appeal, and smooth finish. The uniform size and shape of these minted bars is preferable to the appearance of other silver bars, which tends to be more irregular.

These factors have made RCM silver bars some of the most liquid forms of physical silver bullion. Each bar’s purity and weight is guaranteed by the Canadian government. This makes RCM 100-ounce silver bars among the most trusted forms of silver bullion worldwide, and an excellent way to invest in large quantities of physical silver.


While many Royal Canadian Mint products can be purchased directly from their website, silver bullion bars are not available in this manner. RCM silver bars are available through many third-party precious metal dealers around the globe. Royal Canadian Mint silver bars are also eligible for silver IRA investment.


The packaging of Royal Canadian Mint products depends on their size and value. Some are packaged into paper rolls or plastic tubes. Others are encapsulated in plastic or packaged in a wooden presentation box. Because of their size, 100 ounce silver bars from the Royal Canadian Mint are not usually sealed inside a package. Some are sent from the mint sealed with a plastic cover. Often, dealers will wrap them in a sheet of foam or similar packaging, before placing them individually inside a plastic bag.

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