NTR Metals Silver Bullion Products

NTR silver bars are minted by NTR Metals, one of the world’s top precious metals refineries. The company refines over 30 million pounds of precious metals every year, received from jewelers, pawnbrokers, and other businesses that accept scrap jewelry and other items. These items are melted down and refined into solid silver and gold bars. Due to its high volume, NTR Metals is one of the biggest precious metal refineries in the world. Based in Dallas, the company is known for its investment-grade, reasonably priced silver bullion bars.


NTR Metals’ silver bars contain silver from its Commercial Refining division. This enables the company to control the entire production process. By managing the entire life cycle of the metal, NTR Metals maintains strict quality control, ensuring that only the highest-grade silver makes it into NTR silver bars.


NTR Metals only produces fine silver (.999 fine) and fine gold (.9999) bullion bars. They produce silver bars in 1, 10, and 100 ounce sizes. Every bar minted is hand-inspected to ensure quality and consistency, and the company guarantees the purity, quality, and weight of every NTR silver bar.

Designed for efficient investment, each NTR silver bar carries a fairly plain design. Each bar is marked with the NTR Metals hallmark, along with the metal purity and weight. The NTR Metals logo is fairly recognizable within the precious metals industry, making this a solid investment for those buying solely for the intrinsic value of the silver contained in the bar. These bars are designed for investors who want to own physical silver while minimizing their costs. On the other hand, collectors expecting a distinctive design worthy of display would be better served by other silver types of silver bullion.


The per-ounce premiums charged for NTR silver bars are among the lowest in the industry. Typically, investors pay only a vary small percentage above the current silver spot price. These bars are ideal for investors who are looking for the lowest per-ounce silver costs in the industry. Since NTR metals controls the refining and minting process from beginning to end, their efficiency results in some of the lowest silver bar prices available anywhere.

NTR silver bars cannot be purchased directly from the company online. Although NTR Metals has locations around the United States and worldwide, these refining centers are not open to individual investors. Call their bullion trading desk to order NTR silver bars directly from the mint, or purchase them through the many third-party silver dealers who carry NTR products.


All one- and ten-ounce silver bars minted by NTR Metals undergo a special process that heat-seals them inside a unique PVC flexible casing. A sheet of this protective plastic contains ten bars. The sheet can be cut apart without removing the bars, allowing for individual sale or storage. This packaging is designed to prevent oxidation or wear from handling. Thick yet flexible, the plastic is transparent, allowing the bars to be viewed and handled without being damaged. 100-ounce silver bars produced by NTR metals are not sealed inside this type of packaging; instead they are packaged individually.

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