Johnson Matthey Silver Bullion Products

Johnson Matthey, a private mint, is one of the top names in the world of silver bar investment. The company can trace its roots nearly two centuries, to 1817, when Percival Norton Johnson founded a London gold assaying company. When George Matthey joined the company, Johnson Matthey became the Bank of England’s Official Assayer & Refiner to the Bank of England. Today, Johnson Matthey is one of the largest and most reputable precious metal mints in the world, though their services have since expanded far beyond this initial scope.

The Precious metals division of Johnson Matthey is responsible for refining and minting precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and iridium. Known by precious metal investors for its high-quality gold and silver bars, JM is also the world’s leading platinum distributor.


For almost 200 years, Johnson Matthey has been trusted around the world for top-quality silver bars. They are known for unrivaled knowledge and technical abilities, resulting in the creation of beautiful silver bars considered to be an excellent investment option. Johnson Matthey silver bars are considered to be among the best in the industry.

The high reputation of Johnson Matthey means that their hallmark is recognized by precious metal dealers around the world. This makes JM silver bars some of the easiest to buy and sell no matter where you are located. This extremely liquid form of physical silver is often chosen by investors who plan to keep their silver in depositories around the world. Johnson Matthey is also approved for silver IRA investments, making JM silver bars a common retirement savings investment.

Products and Prices

Johnson Matthey’s investment-grade silver bullion carries a low per-ounce premium over the silver spot price. Because the company is one of the world’s largest silver refiners, they have been able to bring their fabrication costs to among the lowest in the industry. These factors make JM silver bars some of the most cost-effective ways to buy physical silver bullion.

JM Bar

All JM silver bars are made using .999 fine silver. Each is stamped with the Johnson Matthey hallmark, an individual serial number, and the purity and weight of the bar. Bars carrying the JM name are trusted by investors and brokers worldwide as being among the most pure forms of silver bullion available. Johnson Matthey silver bullion products range in weight from 1 to 100 troy ounces. Although small bars are available, the company is best-known for larger sizes.

100 Ounce Bars

Johnson Matthey is particularly well regarded for its 100-ounce silver bars. Each 100 ounce bar measures approximately 2.5×6.5×1.25 inches. Specially designed to store a large amount of wealth in a small physical space, these silver bars are favored by investors and banks. Each investmen-grade bar is designed to stack efficiently

JM silver bars are packaged in different ways depending on their size. The popular one-ounce size comes packaged in a flexible protective plastic. They come in sheets of ten which can be cut apart for individual sale or storage. Larger silver bars, like the 100-ounce bar, do not come sealed inside plastic.

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