GSM Silver Bullion Products

Golden State Mint, established in 1974 in California, is one of the top private mints in the world. GSM is renowned for creating top quality precious metal products, including rounds and bars made of both gold and silver. Golden State, a member of the American Numismatic Association since 1988, can be trusted to provide investment-grade silver bars.


This company is best-known for its smaller-sized silver rounds, and particularly for its one-ounce silver rounds carrying unique, beautiful designs. GSM silver bars contain one troy ounce of silver. The Golden State Mint one-ounce silver bar is particularly popular among individual investors. Though this is a convenient size for individual purchasers, larger investors either purchase 20-coin tubes of GSM silver bars or opt for another mint which offers bars in larger sizes, such as 100 troy ounces.


The obverse carries the round GSM logo, along with the weight and purity of the bar. The reverse features a ‘Golden State Mint’ pattern placed diagonally across the bar. This basic design, along with the size and shape of Golden State bars, is in line with most one-ounce silver bars produced by other mints. All of Golden State Mint’s silver bars are minted with .999 fine silver. GSM silver bars meet stringent quality standards that make them eligible for silver IRA investment.

In addition to their standard silver bars, Golden State Mint also produces custom-designed silver bars. The company has an in-house die maker and skilled sculptors to design unique silver rounds and bars. Each of these carries the hallmark of Golden State Mint, attesting to their quality and purity.

Production Process

GSM uses state-of-the-art technologies to create beautiful, high-quality silver bars. The Golden State mint facility uses a specially designed process to produce silver bars resulting in very low amounts of waste. As a result, GSM silver bars often carry the lowest per-ounce prices in the industry. GSM is known for short lead-times for silver bar delivery. Often, the company beats their own guaranteed delivery window, delivering your silver bars even faster than initially promised.


When buying directly from the mint, there is a 100 troy ounce minimum, or 500 ounces for international customers. If you prefer to purchase a smaller number of silver bars, GSM silver bars are also sold by many third-party precious metal dealers; buying from a coin dealer is a way around these minimum purchase requirements.

If you do choose to purchase directly from Golden State, orders must be placed over the phone, as the price is dependent on the current spot price of silver. The company does publish its per-ounce premiums to help investors calculate the approximate cost of their bars before purchasing.


Straight from the mint, GSM silver bars are packaged in 20-count plastic tubes. These are often opened in order for the bars to be sold or stored individually. For this reason, most Golden State Mint bars are found without sealed packaging, unlike many other mints’ silver bars, which are sealed inside a protective plastic case. For this reason, it is important to purchase GSM silver bars from a reputable dealer that can attest to the blemish-free nature of the bar if eye appeal is a concern for you.

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