Engelhard Silver Bullion Products

Engelhard is perhaps the most respected private mint in all of silver bullion. They have produced many different types of silver ranging from rounds to bars and everything in between. Though they remain very popular to this day, Engelhard is no longer an active mint. Having been closed for years now, Engelhard bars are even more desirable now than ever. If you have some of these brand metal products, you might even be able to earn a slight premium on them should you ever decide to sell.

Identifying Engelhard Bullion

Engelhard silver items are very easy to spot. They are known for their renowned logo that features an emphatic “E” within a circle.

The famous logo is known by bullion buyers around the world. If your particular piece does not have this specific marking, it is likely to instead be noted by the complete “Engelhard” logo emblazoned across one or both sides of the piece of bullion. When it comes down to it, these are not difficult to spot and you will definitely know it if you have one.


The primary reason why Engelhard is so desired among buyers is the bar-none quality, pun intended. These items are as clean and definitive as they come. You won’t find a glob of silver that was lazily produced if it has the big “E” on it. Instead, you should expect to find sharp pieces each and every time. All of the bars are clean cut and uniform, the rounds are appealing and sharp, and everything else produced by this private silver mint just exudes professional.

The Engelhard mint is the only private company who can truly say they are on par with federal mints from around the world. In other words, if they were commissioned to produce silver eagles for the United States government, there is little doubt that they would be handle the job aptly.

Reputation is not something that should ever be understated in the world of precious metals. There is no shortage of people who will look to defraud or cheat others at every opportunity that is presented to them. When you are buying an Engelhard bar, however, this is not what you are going to run into. You know that you have what the face says it is, which is most often .999 silver. Don’t worry about shaving or poor quality craftsmanship when you add a few Engelhard bars to your collection.

Price of Engelhard Bars

In most cases, these bars are not going to cost you a whole lot more than the spot price of silver plus the standard mark up that any silver business has on their bullion. If there was one company that would demand a slightly higher price than the majority of other mints, however, this would be it. If you are looking to acquire some bars and have the opportunity to pay the same price for an Engelhard as you do for an off brand or from some random local mint, you should definitely go with the Engelhard every time.

Other Options

Engelhard may be the most well-known name when it comes to silver bars, but they are not the only big name out there. Other popular brands include Sunshine Minting, Johnson Matthey, Pam Suisse, and Silvertowne. Each of these companies has been around for several years and is backed by a reputation that does not greatly tail that of Engelhard.

If you are set on buying an Engelhard bar, you should still make sure that you are not over paying. The most common premiums that are found on these bars is around a couple dollars up to $10. Unless you are searching for a variant for your collection that you know to be very rare, spending any more than this is really just a waste of money. This is the reason why Engelhards have the most added value among collectors vs. the average investor.

The best place to buy an Engelhard bar, like most any types of silver, is on the internet. You will be able to choose from the lowest mark ups and may even find versions of the bar that you didn’t even know were in circulation. Some companies sell their silver bars by name brand, while others simply sell them according to their weight.

If you are purchasing a simple 1 oz. bar but do not know the brand, the best thing that you can do is to email or call the website in question to see if they have some Engelhards in stock. You might be surprised to find out that many stores do not place a premium on these bars and that they can actually be ordered at the same rate as any of the other bars that are for sale. And plus, the worst case scenario is that they don’t have any available, so you really aren’t losing anything in the end.

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