Types of Physical Silver Investments

Browse the list below and read about all of the different types of silver bullion that are available for you to buy. These items are all silver when it comes down to it, but silver comes in a variety of ways. Some silver buyers are looking to collect a certain coin, while others are in it solely for the investment. Your reason for buying silver should always play a role in what type of metal you decide to buy. If you would like to make a purchase of silver bullion, visit Silver.com as they offer a range of options to choose from. As a general rule of thumb, coins like the Silver American Eagles are priced slightly higher than regular coins or bars of the same weight due to their collectibilty.


American Eagle

Australian Kangaroo

Australian Koala

Chinese Panda

Mexican Libertad


Canadian Maple Leaf

Silver Dollars (Complete History)




If you see a coin or other type of silver priced a notch higher than a standard round or bar, it is safe to assume that they are fairly popular amongst collectors. When investing in silver, go after the items that are based on spot prices, items like generic silver bars, rounds, or old commemorative coins with no premium on the price tag. When you are buying silver there is no shortage of options, so carefully decide which type of silver is best for your personal interests.

There are many, many different types of silver for collectors, investors, and those interested in silver to buy. Some items are created solely for collectors, while other forms of silver are nothing more than pure silver in solid bars. The reasons for purchasing any given type of silver are largely up to you, but there is no shortage of options. The primary choices of silver for those looking to invest are silver bars and silver coins. Silver bars come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but are almost always priced at the rate of a regular ounce of pure silver. There is nothing commemorative or particularly collectible about a silver bar and they are intended for those who want an alternative way to invest their money.

Silver coins or silver rounds are a lot like silver bars. Though coins are known for their collectibility, especially when they commemorate a certain event or individual, many of them have no value other than the spot (regular) price. Often times the decision between whether to buy a silver bar or silver coins comes down to whether an individual prefers to store the coins or the bars, there isn’t that much of a difference. Bars will have a slightly different look from one to the next, and so will coins. Coins can have printing on them about anything from historical events to a local hero. In fact, you could go and make a commemorative coin of yourself if you really wanted to.

The point of all of this is that silver coins are not always valued higher because they are coins or because they have something on them. Yes, there are many coins that are actually produced by a country or government, and these do carry higher values in most situations. The increased price in coins like the Silver American Eagles can be found largely in the collectors market. These coins are of the high quality, have America permanently associated with them, and are generally more desirable than a plain old slab of metal. For the purposes of investing, though, you shouldn’t expect to see exponential gains from a nationally issued or government issued coin.

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