Buy Silver with Free Shipping

Anyone who is shopping for silver online is undoubtedly going to be more than happy if they can place their order without any shipping fees. Unfortunately, it is very rare to find any websites or silver dealers who are able to do this, save for the rare short term promotion. Silver dealers work with what are already very small profit margins, so offering free shipping would eliminate the small amount of money they aim to earn. The only time you might find any great deal on silver without any shipping charges is when a random promotional event is being run. In order to check whether this is going on, follow the links to buy silver right here on this site. If there is anything available, you will be sent to the site that has the best to offer.

In the end, free shipping would certainly be nice, but charges should not be a deterrent when it comes to making a purchase of silver. The average cost for an online silver order is usually going to be $10-$20 for shipping when all is said and done. In the grand scheme of things, this is not very much. If you drive to your local brick and mortar dealer, you are going to pay a whole lot more in the end.

Think about all of the added costs that come into play when you shop at brick and mortar stores. First, you need to have gas in your car if you want to get there. Odds are that gas alone will cost you a few dollars. Aside from gas, it is worth considering the added inconvenience of having to take the time to drive to a bunch of different stores in your ares. They may or may not be close, but either way it is going to take more time than if you simply place your order over the internet. Some of the other things to consider include the added fees that dealers tack onto their items. Where online silver sites can afford lower rates due to their decreased overhead, physical stores do not have this luxury. Expect any shipping money to be outweighed by the amount that you will save by ordering from a lower priced silver website.

The selection at online dealers is also much better than what you could ever hope for from the vast majority of brick and mortar coin or bullion stores. If you want to find the exact items that you are looking for, it may very well take a lot of time and effort that you had not previously considered. Online shopping has become so popular over the last decade or so largely as a matter of convenience, and this also holds true when you look at buying silver bullion. No, you aren’t going to be able to buy your metals without having to pay for shipping, that can’t be argued, but all of the other benefits that come along with buying online should not be understated. Shop around and you will find that the savings are more than worth it, with or without free shipping at your disposal.

Cutting Costs

The most obvious reason for wanting free shipping on a silver purchase is in an attempt to cut down on costs. Since the goal of most every silver buyer is to make money, there is no quicker route to profitability than by simply spending as little money as possible. Free shipping is arguably the best way to cut down on your overall expenses when investing in silver, along with buying in bulk and making payments with the most low cost method available.

Though free shipping is definitely an attractive bonus if you are buying from a silver dealer online, you should consider your final order price more than anything. Look at how much you are paying per oz. when it comes down to the very bottom line. If a website is offering you free shipping but is also charging you a lot more on the products themselves than what you would find at competitors, you may not actually be saving money at all. Make sure that your cost analysis of any silver order comes down to how much you are paying per item or per ounce, not whether or not free shipping is included.

The type of shipping that you are entitled to for free is also worth looking into. The chances are that free shipping also means lower grade shipping, which in turn means that you are going to need to wait longer for delivery. If you value the timeliness of your order more than saving money, it may be worth actually paying for delivery instead of taking advantage of the free offer. Now, the problem here is that there are some sites that might not even offer anything other than the free options. There is a lot more to consider with free shipping and silver than what really meets the eye.

Something else that you want to be sure is included with your free shipping is both tracking and insurance. Tracking of your items will allow you to follow the progress of your order from the time it leaves the original dealer to when it is actually in your hand. This not only lets you sleep worry free (especially with big orders), but will make it that much easier to gauge when you can expect to have the silver itself in your hands. Insurance, however, is even more important than tracking because it serves to ensure that you are not at risk of losing your order altogether. Insurance from the delivery service allows buyers and sellers alike to protect themselves against any items that may wind up being lost, stolen, or even damaged. If you are participating in an offer that includes free shipping, there is a chance that insurance is not included. With that said, however, it would be a mistake for sellers to do this because they will be putting themselves at great risk. In the end, you need to make sure that you are truly getting value, because you can end up paying too much, even if the shipping is free.

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